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Art on the Road Traveling Mail Art Exhibition a.k.a Ultima Mail Art Project

The opening of the exhibition will be at Social Center in Rog Autonomous Zone in Ljubljana, Slovenia at 19.00.

At the opening, there will be a CONCERT by François DENUIT (Belgium) and VIDEO-ART PROJECTION by Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid (Slovenia)


FREE WINE to first guests!

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‘Art on the Road’ Traveling Mail Art Project also known as ‘Ultima Mail Art Project’

‘Art on the Road’ Traveling Mail Art Project was started under the name of ‘Ultima Mail Art Project by Şakir Özüdoğru for the purpose of supporting the Ultima project which is located in the Rog Autonomous Zone in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Rog Autonomous Zone is a project which aims to rearrange an old derelict bicycle factory as a cultural and social place. Because of the Ultima Project in Rog came a standstill, ‘Ultima Mail Art Project’ decided to continue its road as an independent travelling project under the name of ‘Art on Road Traveling Mail Art Project’. The aim of the project is forming a space which gives an opportunity to everyone over the world to express himself/herself freely; bringing together ideas, notions and feelings and sharing that space in the other cities of the world. The project currently includes artworks of more than 50 artists which are made by various techniques from different countries. Also an e-book, which will be included all artworks and pictures from exhibitions and distributed on the internet freely, is being prepared. ‘Art on the Road’ Mail Art Project is an open, free and independent project. Also it is open to any kind of support from institutions and individuals; however supporters cannot step in the content of the project in any case.

Next Exhibitions: 11-18 July 2011, 6th Fabrikart Contemporary Arts Festival, Cappadocia, Nevşehir, Turkey.

Also, in July two big touristic city in Turkey, Bodrum and İzmir; in October in Eskişehir, Turkey.


Inêz Oludé da Silva: (Belgium), Eni ILIS (Brazil), Robert Graham: (Canada), Wolf D. Screiber: (Germany), Katerina Nikoltsou (Greece), Jarmo Sermilia (Finland), Michel DELLA VEDOVA (France), Valentine Mark Herman: (France), Marcus Gregory (Hungary), Stefano Fossiant Sini (Italy), Franco Scarano (Italy), Elena Gjorgjievska: (Macedonia), W-J. Kersten: (Netherlands), Helder Coelho Dias: (Portugal), Maria Jose Silva – Mize (Portugal), Ana Garcia (Portugal), Cristina Oprea (Romania), Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid: (Slovenia), Pedro Bericat: (Spain), Eda Gecikmez: (Turkey), İsmail Yıldız: (Turkey), Hilal Can (Turkey), Özgür Soğancı (Turkey), İlkyaz Karatay (Turkey), Zeynep Aygül (Turkey), Nur Çelik (Turkey), Rafet Arslan (Turkey), OnstOn (Turkey), Serenay Şahin (Turkey), Okay Dayan (Turkey), Ceren Fındık (Turkey), Ender Gelgeç (Turkey), A. Emre Cengiz (Turkey), Haydar Taşçılar (Turkey), Mine Küçük (Turkey), Ozan Karabaş (Turkey), Nazik Çiğdem (Turkey), Gülsevim Can (Turkey),Levent (Lefor) Karali (Turkey), Deniz Beşer (Turkey), Elif Yıldız (Turkey), Emre Varışlı (Turkey), Csu (Turkey), Engin Binbaş (Turkey), Emre Alettin Keskin (Turkey), Fleur Helsinger: (U.S.A.), Douglas Galloway (U.S.A.), Gitana Angela (U.S.A.), Zaeth Leal (U.S.A.), Alexandra Pharmakidis (U.S.A.), John Engelbrecht (U.S.A.)

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Socialni center Rog

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