Tutti Frutti Cinema

Battle In Seattle

This week we move Tutti Frutti Cinema to Tuesday night in view of the general strike called on Wednesday. Join us at 21.00 for a screening of the 2007 film about the WTO protest in Seattle and stay after for a discussion on the questions being opened through the strike, the April 19 (#19A) demonstration and beyond!

The film depicts the historic protest in 1999, as thousands of activists arrive in Seattle, Washington in masses to protest the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999. The World Trade Organization is considered by protesters to contribute to widening the socioeconomic gap between the rich and the poor while it claims to be fixing it and increasing world hunger, disease and death.

Tutti Frutti is more than just a cinema! With the proliferation of expensive and sterile mega cinemas, Tutti Frutti movie nights offer an evening when we reclaim our creativity, watch, analyze and discuss films in an autonomous space. In our fight against ACTA, the deepening enclosure of digital commons, and austerity measures being applied across Europe, these movie nights are one more way in which we say Ya Basta!

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Tutti Frutti Cinema

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