Vstajniška Evropa

EUROPE INSURGENT / VSTAJNIŠKA EVROPA - Struggles of precarious, students and migrants in Europe of great depression

Friday, 23rd of January, FDV (Kardeljeva ploščad 5) at 2 pm.

Saturday, 24th of January, Social centre Rog (Trubarjeva 72) at 3 pm.

Europe as well as the whole world is in time of big economic crisis, which is actually the crisis of capitalist rule. In order to restore the rule, elites have decided that the producers of social wealth are the one that should pay for crisis. Therefore they have began with attacks on income and rights, which trigger mass revolts and resistances under the slogan: “We will not pay for their crisis!”

The recent explosion of protests in Greece, launched by the police murder of a minor and growing uncertainty of younger generations have shown that there is an Insurgent Europe, firmly fighting against the project of restoration of capitalist rule. Movement against the privatization of public education in Italy, which gained a shape of self managed reform of education system from below, indicates that Insurgent Europe has a potential to establish alternatives.

In the last decade Insurgent Europe formed itself through politics of movements (from Movement of movements to Euromayday movement of precarious and migrants), through numerous struggles of migrants, students and precarious (from antiracist movements, base biounionism, movements of social centres, autonomous spaces to movements against the privatisation of education and against precarisation), through various outbreaks of excluded and segregated mulatto youth. In the time of the crises its manifestations will multiply. And perhaps they will reach the point of convergence into a radical event, a moment of rupture, that will have the ability to create a different Europe and a different world.

In the frame of two-day seminar Europe Insurgent (project Uninomada) various appearances of the crisis in different European surroundings and constituent power of the struggles and movements in Europe will be discussed by numerous theorists and activist, coming from Malmoe, Helsinki, Liège, Pariz, Leeds, Barcelona, Coruña, Rim, Patras, Ljubljana, Vienna, Milan etc.

Vstajniška Evropa

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