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Front of Precarious Against Small Labor and Student Labor - For Less Work


Students, unemployed, precarious, migrants, those without guaranties and those that refuse the regime of guarantees - precarious of the world. We are joining in the conspiration against small labor and student labor - for less work!

On Wednesday 19th of May we are organizing the protest against Law on Small Labor. We meet at 12 o’clock in the park behind the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana (between Rimska cesta and Aškerčeva cesta). Our aim is to build solidarity between all social groups of exploited, between all those that are exploited in different regimes of exploitation. We are not going to demonstrate to preserve the existent status quo, the existing regime of exploitation of student labor and wage labor in general. We will protest because we want to build power of all exploited based on our rage and desire, refusal and imagination.

No to regime of exploitation - for universal guaranteed income! Against control - for solidarity! For autonomous organizing - against representation!

Front of precarious


Against small labor, against student labor - for less work!

What is reality of labor today? Student labor, future small labor, migrant labor, precarious labor in general? Degradation, devaluation, alienation, without perspective, hyper exploitation, dequalification, nonpayment, stealing of time, blockade of creativity, banalization of life... Look at the pages of student services, where "hot jobs" are propagated. Student labor, small labor all forms of precarious labor are same shit!

Against regime of exploitation - for universal guaranteed income!

There is no point to fight for any regime of exploitation. Such a statement is not cynical. Students and precarious workers are forced to work. For this reason we have to fight against being forced to work. We can do it by struggling for new guarantees, new unconditioned rights, new forms of social spending - free transport, free housing, free communication, free culture, free health care, universal income... And of course, let’s force exploiters to pay! Our power to produce is absolutely bigger than forms of realization that are capitalist structures of exploitation, so called labor market. Let’s fight for new guarantees and let’s destroy labor market! For free production!

Against control - for solidarity!

We refuse stigmatization of students, i.e. that they are anomaly on the market. We refuse calls to strengthen forms of control. State control strikes proletarians much more than exploiters. We are for solidarity! Solidarity of all precarious can build power that can undermine the pressure of student, small, migrant and all other forms of precarious labor. This power will produce guarantees that will make possible free existence. Another life is not more important than this one!

Against representation - for autonomous organizing!

We refuse work because we refuse alienation of our powers! For this reason we refuse political or interest representation. We do not intend to delegate our powers! We will organize our common power of all precarious and exodus from shitty society of work! Power to precarious workers!!!


Us, Working group against work (Delovna skupina proti delu - DSPD), which is composed of different iniciatives all fighting against different kinds of capitalist exploitation, are organizing an alternative manifestation against new reforms of student labor. Unlike our official representative body, Student organization of Slovenia, we are additionally going to problematize the current situation, from which the organization founds itself. We will try to solve the dialectic dilemma between student labour and the mini jobs law that was formed in the media in the wider context of precarious work - insecure, unprotected, part time work with low wages, which gives no rights to the worker. Mini jobs, as well as student labour are forms of precarious work. Others, well spread, are migrant work and author’s contract. Around 70% of youth in Slovenia is employed in some form of precarious work after the end of their studies.

We will meet this Wednesday the 19. of may at 12:00 in the park behind the Faculty of Arts. Our demands:

1. Scholarships for all - the student today has to be a worker first to be able to study. We demand our right to study to be direct and unconditional!

2. Guaranteed income for all - 70% of youth is employed in some form of precarious work after the end of their studies, which does not guarantee them a dignified living or rights that one gets from a standard, full-time, employment contract. A return to regular full-time employment, which was a luxury of our parents is impossible because of the specific characteristics of the contemporary system of production. We see the solution of the social question of the precarious groups in the introduction of the Universal Guaranteed Income, which everyone would receive! We do not oppose flexibilization or mobility, we demand security and income! 3. Reconstruction and debirocratization of student organizations - we can only speak of autonomous organizing, when people have the power, possibilities and commodities to organize and produce events themselves. Contemporary corporativistic student organizations are based on a centralized production of events for students, the division of students between students and their representatives. They define autonomy as the autonomy of student organizations (not students!) in relation to the state. We demand the decentralization of these organizations, the production of possibilities for self-organizations and the autonomy of students, not the student organizations!

4. Accommodation for everyone - according to some statistics there are 20.000 empty apartments or houses in Ljubljana (they remain empty because of their owners are waiting for the price on the market to be the highest). The official politics talks about a lack of accommodation for the youth?! We propose, following the example of The Netherlands, the legalization of squatting. The Netherlands passed a law in the 1980’, which enabled legal occupations of apartments under the condition that the owner hasn’t used it in a year.

5. The right to self-organized studies - contemporary universities as "maids of the capital" create students, who are supposed to be as employable and as useful as possible to be launched in the labour market. A side effect of this is that any critical thougt is being pushed out of the space of faculties, knowledge becomes skill ... In addition, the students produced by this proces aren’t employable at all, because the demands of the market change during the duration of studies (5 yerars), especially considering the current state of the information society. We fight this process in an asimetrical manner, by creating self organized courses inside as well as outside the university. We demand the acknoweledgement of these praxis as equal to the knowledges acquired in the universities!


We don’t wanna work nanannananan (life is life) Work is death nananananan

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