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Nigerian independence day celebration in Slovenia

The Nigerian association in Slovenia is inviting all to join the Independence Day celebration marking our 51st birthday dating 1st Oct 1960 - 2011, freedom from the hands of our colony... Great Britain.

PROGRAM: A great program have been lined up in many aspects for the celebration dates, Educational, Food and Fun.

29th Sept from 7:00pm till 10:30pm: Nigeria Nollywood movie ONLY LOVE a movie that deals with unconditional love and tells the story about a bad step mother who is very wicked and mean to her step daughter, contrast between the royalty, rich and the poor in the Nigeria cultural aspect will be felt too.

30th Sept from 7:00pm till 10:30pm: Nigeria Nollywood movie BLOOD AND OIL a movie about the Niger delta oil issue, its damage to lives, nature and property of the ordinary Citizens, corruptions in the high authority and the practices of foreign oil company in Nigeria.

1st Oct from 7:00pm till 10:00pm: A test of Nigerian food (white rice curry in tomato sauce)... surprise entertainment documentary tribute to FELA KUTI The legend of afro beat out of Nigeria to watch as you eat.

10:00pm till 3:00am: Music time with the best of Music from Nigeria, Africa and Jamaica. Title: Hip life, Galala, Swagga, Makosa, Sukus, Reggae and Dance hall.

DJ’S: Baba K da General and JD PASSY.

VENUE: SOCIALNI CENTER ROG (Trubarjeva 72, Ljubljana)


See online : facebook event

Socialni center Rog

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