Univerza za nepodredljive vede

The 15o Assembly Statement (Agreed upon at the Social Center Rog 12th October 2011)

Individuals, workers and social movements, collectives and initiatives who gathered at the assembly before the 15th October, the day when we take to the streets everywhere in the world united for change, came to a consensus on the following statement. Because nobody has copy right on 15o, we don’t speak on behalf of everyone, but we want to contribute to the joint movement.

We are part of the 99%. We are the ones producing social wealth and we are determined to resist being pushed into a corner and unending expropriation. Therefore, on Saturday we will be a part of the uprising of the global generation against the system of exploitation.

We will resist financial capitalism, which expropriates the common wealth and channels it into the pockets of the 1%. Financial capitalism is represented by institutions such as banks, stock exchanges, financial markets and financial industry, oligarchs and tycoons, the exploitative bosses, the CEOs and the political class, partitocracy and system of representative "democracy". They impose the same logic of alienation that led to the majority on this planet being in an untenable situation.

On Saturday, we will systematically reject the machinery of banks, financial markets, national and European politicians and Eurocrats, which impose upon us the payment for the crisis they caused. We will resist the singular logic and dogma that the exit from crisis will be achieved with the bailout of banks and financial markets at the expense of an already weakened welfare state. The transformation of so-called peripheral European countries into poorhouses shows that this is not the solution. Austerity policies favor private economic and financial interests, which are responsible for the economic processes that brought us into the current crisis.

There is an alternative and another way out of the crisis: the bailout of our commom welfare. This means that we reclaim the common and common welfare from the suffocating grip of unending expropriation. As producers of social wealth, we can not meet our needs with the miserable wages as precarious and underpaid workers and through indebtedness. Education, knowledge, housing, health, environment, income, mobility, etc. must become unconditional rights, accessable by all.

Therefore, on Saturday we will lay the foundations of a liberation movement which will uncompromisingly resist all attempts to introduce austerity policies and will claim the common welfare as a framework for meeting the needs of today’s social wealth producing generation. We will construct the liberation movement on the principles of direct, basic, participatory democracy, horizontally, in a network, and in common struggle with European and global movements.

Thus we urge all to join us on Saturday at 15.00 at Congress Square. Let’s destigmatize our poverty and our hopelesness. We are not to blame for them, but greed and expropriation, typical of financial capitalism, are. At the same time, we encourage going beyond the mere testimony of problems and social injustice and to build decisive social opposition, which will claim a common future.

We therefore urge that as many as possible attend the teach-in at the selected bank, protesting in the form of personal complaints against the violence of financial capitalism. Through this teach-in we will further encourage participation in the 15o movement. We also call for, after the rally at Congress Square, the occupation of the square before a selected financial institution. This way, through actions and discussions, we lay the foundations for our liberation movement. At the same time we urge participation of the 15o general assembly of Koper at the marketplace next to the roundabout, where a localized field of discussion and action will occur!

Today the global generation is rising throughout the world and we will win! Bailout people, not banks! No one represent us!

The participants of the 15o Assembly

IWW (Invisible workers of the world) Sindikat žerjavistov pomorskih dejavnosti (Crane Operators Union) Social Center Rog We are University Alternative exists

(The other organizations are also signing this statement)

Univerza za nepodredljive vede

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