Tutti Frutti Cinema

The Cradle Will Rock

This week, Tutti Frutti Cinema presents the Cradle Will Rock. A film about the New Deal theater recovery program in the 1930s. Directed by Tim Robbins, the film follows a series of characters involved in the New York theater scene during the great depression and as the communist witch-hunts are beginning. The film will be in English with Serbian (latinica) Subtitles.

Tutti Frutti is more than just a cinema! With the struggle against ACTA building, with the proliferation of expensive and sterile mega cinemas, Tutti Frutti movie nights offer an evening when we reclaim our creativity, watch, analyze and discuss films in an autonomous space. All Tutti Frutti films will be kept on file and contribute the building of an open, common digital library in the Social Center.

See you Wednesday night at 20:30!!

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Tutti Frutti Cinema

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