Univerza za nepodredljive vede

We need space to exist in the world

We met in Paris during the transnational meeting "struggles against austerity." As knowledge workers we are aware of the fact that our struggle is the same as that of our whole generation against the oppressive control exerted over our lives imposed by the current financial capitalistic system. We are a generation whose future has been stolen and subverted. We have learnt and are learning from the liberation movements in North Africa. The lesson is that we must take assertive action now.

In order to build up a common struggle we have connected with local groups. The CIP (Cordinament des intermittents et précaires) is a group firmly established here in Paris for many years now, working on the various aspects of the precarious condition in which we live. Together with them we have decided to reclaim a space. It is our way of taking back what capitalism has expropriated from us. It represents our way towards the reconstruction of the common. Since this morning 60 activists have been occupying an abandoned building here in Paris (owned by the city of Paris). A large group of people gathered outside the building to support their action. The response of the city was to send in a large armed police force, equiped with riot gear. They proceeded to arrest all of the occupants inside.

We reclaimed this new space as the first important step towards reappropriating our future, and our struggle will not end here. We call for the release of our fellow activists! Everywhere we will be your crisis!

KLF - Paris

Univerza za nepodredljive vede

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