Svet za vsakogar

Why such petition?

The petition for the bus stop by Asylum home in Vič was written in Social Center in Rog in the frame of the project to establish free legal help for migrants in Slovenia. With this petition we are trying to intervene into conditions of asylum seekers in Asylum home and to reveal, denounce and stop discriminatory migration politics. Our action is based on the protagonism of migrants themselves, upon the sacredness of common desire to be free. The goal of petition is their empowerment and construction of social networks and relations upon which we define unalienable rights of global citizens.

With petition we are trying to contribute to the struggle against getoisation, isolation and detention of migrants. In years long struggle against such institutions – as is the example of the Detention center in Postojna – we realized that authorities are establishing against migrants technologies of control that fence and isolate entire communities, which are treated as dangerous waste. Such technologies of rule have led to xenophobic incidents seven to eight years ago and culminated with recent and actual phenomena of village guards.

Asylum home is located on the Cesta v Gorice in Vič, in degraded neighborhood, deprived of communal infrastructure. By this, rights to mobility, to build social networks, to public goods are denied to entire neighborhood including asylum seekers. Asylum seekers and migrants in general are here because they are driven by desire for freedom and for dignified life. This desire if we practice and realize it together can dissolve technology of rule that makes from us dangerous garbage.

Therefore sign the petition!

Svet za vsakogar

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