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Dear Comrades,

On Wednesday, 18.12, we’ll turn on the machine!

The website, dedicated to media content from social movements and struggles, will go live at Social Center ROG.

You are invited to join us starting at 18.00 for a workshop on livestreaming, followed by a presentation of the website and our hopes and desires towards a commonalization of its development, at 19.30.

With twinkles in our eyes.


So why Clearly we cannot operate outside of capitalism (yet!). But we can provide a space for local media producers who are embedding their media in the various nodes of social movements that aim to undermine the vanilla politics of capital. In this, the site is a media commons, where production and reproduction do not degrade the content, but give it increased life and use-value without profit motive - and somewhere we contribute what we can and take what we need. In short, we created this space to enable publishing original works that attack in a diverse and creative way mental and physical colonization, sexism and homophobia, racism and a political correctness that kills all humor and initiative. This sharing of materials is not only inspirational and free of banal distraction, but it produces a dialectic within our own struggles. Our content, and we by extension, take on autonomy and are transformed through the interaction. We learn what others are doing; we share our practices and ideas; we all think about its meaning and problems in relationship; we change ourselves without homogenizing. We produce, and produce in, abundance.

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