Univerza za nepodredljive vede

Michael Hardt at Ljubljana Stock Exchange occupation

The process 15O by which we are building a multitudinous movement against austerity for common welfare that is a realistic and possible way out of the crisis, began with a huge demonstration on 15 October, 2011. On this day thousands refused the dictates of financial capitalism and representative politics. At the demonstration we expressed the obvious: claims that the only way out of crisis is to save the interest of those who started it are nothing but a hoax, aimed at the continuation and expansion of the finacialization of our lives. We are going to stop this hoax. Institutions of financial capitalism and their political vassals manage commonwealth to the detriment of those that produce it, and for this reason we are taking away their mandate to decide over our lives.

The demonstration on the 15 October ended with the liberation of the square in front of the Ljubljana stock exchange (Borza) and transformed it into the square Boj Za (Struggle For). Immense logistic support and a supporting public opinion that make the existence of the common public space open for discussions, self organization and struggle, indicate the struggle for is not only an activist project, but a common project of the society: the common project of the 99%. Self governance of the occupation 15O is organized through various workshops, cultural interventions and daily assemblies. Direct democracy took the form of democracy of direct action, which encourages each individual and collective to actively seek alternatives to the existing system. Financial capitalism turns society into the desert of hopelessness; global resistance against it, of which 15O in Slovenia is a part, establishes a framework for realizing potentiality and its growth. This is the real way out of the crisis. To free the striving and to unblock the generation of common wealth, currently blocked by financial capitalism. The way out of crisis is: unconditional rejection of austerity, conquest of common welfare and new democracy that does not alienate our powers.

One of the vivid workshops in the common space in front of the Stock Exchange is the workshop “against precartiy, for commonwelfare”. The aims of the workshop, among others, are: the destigmatization of precarity, the articulation of relations between precarity and financialization, and establishment of relations of force with financial capitalism on the local and global level. This Wednesday, 26 October, at 4 p.m., Michael Hardt is going to be the animator of the workshop in front of the stock exchange.

Streaming on http://www.njetwork.org/Prenos-okupacije-borze-15o

Univerza za nepodredljive vede

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