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  • A Report to the State Labor Inspection by the Union of Subcontracting Workers (SIPS) of Luka Koper (Port of Koper) on Strike

    2 August 2011, by Parisien

    Our union is the union of workers, employed by subcontractors of port services (SPPS) in Luka Koper. We have approximately 250 members.

    In the port of Koper the unloading and reloading is performed by crane operators and supervisors, but also by workers, employed by so called "subcontractors" (as the management calls them). There are approximately 40 subcontractors, organized as "independent entrepreneurs" (samostojni podjetniki) or "companies with limited responsibility" (dru┼żbe z omejeno odgovornostjo). Those subcontractors employ approximately 550 workers that work in unloading and reloading of goods from the ships.

    Our union is an urgent response to inhuman and horrifying working conditions that we, the subcontracting workers, have to endure since several years.

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