IWW - Nevidni delavci sveta

Workers on strike ever more determined

Tuesday, 2nd of August

Workers on strike determined and united continue their struggle.

There are currently two dramas in the port of Koper (Luka Koper): the strike of crane operators and a spontaneous protest of port workers, employed by a number of subcontractors. Media attention is mainly focused on the first, but the second should also enter into the spotlight, since it is a tale of a struggle over the key questions of workers today, not only in the port, but of all of us!

Workers of the port, hired via subcontractors, have responded to the beginning of the strike of crane operators on Friday, 29th of July, with a protest inside of the port. Today, on Tuesday afternoon, they are still determined to end the exploitation of a labor regime that takes care only for the profits of their bosses and port masters, while completely denying even their basic rights. The main demand of the workers on strike is: Same working conditions and same pay for the same work for everyone!

Workers on strike are gathered in front of the entrance to the port. They discuss the next steps. In the meanwhile the port management ignores the subcontracting workers and refuses to enter into negotiations with the excuse, that the subcontractors are not its responsibility.

Today, some moments after 12 o’clock, the workers on strike and their supporters have blocked the entrance into the port. And they will certainly repeat this maneuver, since the management pretends that these workers do not exist. Maybe it will soon change its opinion. One thing is certain: the determination is growing!